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House Elevator

House Elevator

Main specifications:1.Loading Capacity: 250kg, 320kg and 400kg.
2.Rated Speed: 0.3~0.4m/s;
3.The max. number of floor: 5
4.The max. height: 12m
Features:1.The dedicated Variable Frequency system controls the elevator running precisely and make the passenger enjoy the travel well. The pre-torque function automatically adjusts the start torque of elevator according to the loading information provided by the sensor. The elevator will start more naturally, comfortably.
2.Automatic lighting system will save the energy for you
Elespares house elevator is equipped with automatic lighting system. The light will automatically turned off when nobody uses the house lift. Until the car is in use again, the light will turned on.
3.This series elevator can be installed both indoor and outdoor. There is no need appropriative hoistway and machine room. So, the owner of house need not cost too much energy and money on civil construction. It is as convenient as put any appliance in your home.
The model of house elevator:

Besides the above sample, we can design the different styles decoration for customers according to their requirements.
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In order to respond you effectively, please inform at least the technical details as following:

Hoistway Size(mm)Top Floor
Pit Depth
Number of
 stop stations
We appreciate that if you can offer the more construction information, such as the layout drawing, and the other requirement.
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Step Demarcation

Step Demarcation
Step Demarcation

This series elevator step is with Demarcation, the length is 800mm, 1000mm.
Part No.LengthTooth PitchRemark
68009.068With Demarcation
710008.4With Demarcation
810009.068Stainless Steel Sidewalk

1)Stainless steel Step: Surface bright, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and maintenance, weight more than aluminum
2)Aluminium alloy Step: Surface bright, Light weight, High strength, Corrosion resistance, Easy to clean and maintenance
3)Wear-proof, anti slippery and anti-rust, suitable for open area;
4)The stainless steel steps made of steel structure, not break, it can bear long-time heavy load and with a long circle life.
5)Lower noises, high vibration resistance, safe and convenient for maintenance.


Commercial Escalators

Commercial Escalators 
Commercial Escalators

Our products are used with series improved technologies: like VVVF control, special anti-rust treatment, large diameter step roller, etc. it makes the products performance of energy saving, durability, riding comfort & low noise much more improved.  Our Glass Escalator provides you with a completely new feel of bright and comfortable travel. And lets you appreciate the outstanding charm of your quality life.

Main specifications: -Rising height: ≤11m
-Angle of inclination: 30°, 35°
-Speed: 0.45m/s, 0.5m/s
-Capacity: 4500people/hour, 6750people/hour, 9000people/hour,
-The width of step: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
-Environment:  Outdoor, Indoor

Green   We adopt VVVF control to make the equipment automatically regulate the frequency of the tractor under the sate of unmanned taking. it ruduces energy consumption and be energy-sacing and Eco-friendly.
Safety   Our escalator is designed and produced with a series safety device, like Motor over-load protection, step sagging protection, over-speed protection, and so on. They ensure the passenger have a safety travel.
Comfortable   The humanized design, advanced craftsmanship ensure the escalator have an elegant outlook and runs smoothly, quietly. The passenger will fully enjoy the comfortable environment.
Standard safety device:

 Function available :( S: Standard, O: Optional)
SStep chain-roller inbuiltThe roller has been internally installed in the specially-designed roller step chain. It can effectively fulfill the reduction of the noise during the driving process and bring about a smoother and quieter operation.
SAutomatic oilingPLC control automatic oiling and lubricating system fulfills the ideal automatic lubrication to the transmission chain during the running process of the Outdoor Escalator. It not only reduces the daily repair and maintenance work load, but also prolongs the service life of the driving mechanism.
SInclined handrailIt adopts the stainless steel enclosed and inclined handrail Outdoor Escalator. It is fit for the occasions with the large stream of people, heavy loading. It is also applicable for the public traffic and transport places. It can extend the riding space to the greatest extent and increase the effectively safety coefficients when there is the large flow of people.
SStep demarcation lampThe green fluorescent lamp has been installed under the upper and lower step tread. When there is the staggering running of two connecting steps. The green fluorescent light will be sent out from the step teeth in order to help the passengers identify the step inlet and outlet horizontal section and enhance the riding safety.
SHandrail inletThe Outdoor Escalator is richly endowed with the intelligence and popularity by the novel, distinctive, elegant, tensile and modernized streamline handrail inlet and outlet design model. It appears to be more beautiful in the outer appearance. It displays the nobleness and imposing manner of the conveying constructions.
STable type traction machineIt has the smooth engagement and the frictional reduction. It guarantees the extremely low noise. It can reduce more than 60%of the noise. Compared with the traditional worm wheel drive, it has the higher driving efficiency.
ORunning direction indicationThe running direction and forbidden display mark have been placed in the inlet and outlet of the handrail. The obvious running or forbidden instruction ensures the safe riding of the passengers with great ease.
OSkirt panel brushThe skirt brush, which is installed on both sides of the skirt panel and above the step, can prevent the passengers' shoes from the touching the skirt panel. Meanwhile, it can safely and effectively avoid the foreign matters from being taken into the gap between the step and skirt.
OHandrail illuminationThe handrail illumination has been installed in the handrail frame. The gentle light adds charm to the running Outdoor Escalator.
OVVVF variable frequently energy-saving systemAfter using the frequency converter can effectively cut down the energy loss. It can usually save 60% of the energy in the occasions with the scarce stream of people. Under the no-load circumstances, the Outdoor Escalator operates at a low speed. It will immediately restore to the normal speed running when it detects the approach of the passenger.
OAutomatic start/stopThe infrared ray sensor which is near the floor plate can detect the passengers that enter into the floor plate. After all the passenger leave. It will automatically stop the operation again in order to save the energy. Scanning sensor and traditional guide rod are available for your choice.

How to order:Choose us, you not only choose our quality products, but also to choose our high quality service!
In order to respond you effectively, please inform at least the technical details as following:
Rising Height (mm) / Indication (°) / Width of step (mm) / Speed (m/s)
Environment (outdoor or indoor) / other requirement
*Normally, the capacity is depends on the width of step and speed. For example, when the speed is 0.5m/s,
Width of step (mm)Capacity (persons/Hour)
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