Monday, December 3, 2012

House Elevator

House Elevator

Main specifications:1.Loading Capacity: 250kg, 320kg and 400kg.
2.Rated Speed: 0.3~0.4m/s;
3.The max. number of floor: 5
4.The max. height: 12m
Features:1.The dedicated Variable Frequency system controls the elevator running precisely and make the passenger enjoy the travel well. The pre-torque function automatically adjusts the start torque of elevator according to the loading information provided by the sensor. The elevator will start more naturally, comfortably.
2.Automatic lighting system will save the energy for you
Elespares house elevator is equipped with automatic lighting system. The light will automatically turned off when nobody uses the house lift. Until the car is in use again, the light will turned on.
3.This series elevator can be installed both indoor and outdoor. There is no need appropriative hoistway and machine room. So, the owner of house need not cost too much energy and money on civil construction. It is as convenient as put any appliance in your home.
The model of house elevator:

Besides the above sample, we can design the different styles decoration for customers according to their requirements.
How to order:Choose us, you not only choose our quality products, but also to choose our high quality service!
In order to respond you effectively, please inform at least the technical details as following:

Hoistway Size(mm)Top Floor
Pit Depth
Number of
 stop stations
We appreciate that if you can offer the more construction information, such as the layout drawing, and the other requirement.
Welcome to contact us for the unconventional products. We have the professional team are here to support you.
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