Monday, December 3, 2012

Step Demarcation

Step Demarcation
Step Demarcation

This series elevator step is with Demarcation, the length is 800mm, 1000mm.
Part No.LengthTooth PitchRemark
68009.068With Demarcation
710008.4With Demarcation
810009.068Stainless Steel Sidewalk

1)Stainless steel Step: Surface bright, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and maintenance, weight more than aluminum
2)Aluminium alloy Step: Surface bright, Light weight, High strength, Corrosion resistance, Easy to clean and maintenance
3)Wear-proof, anti slippery and anti-rust, suitable for open area;
4)The stainless steel steps made of steel structure, not break, it can bear long-time heavy load and with a long circle life.
5)Lower noises, high vibration resistance, safe and convenient for maintenance.


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